Friday, October 4, 2013

Beauty Pageants

Philippines recently won Ms. World 2013. Of course coming from the country of the reigning beauty queens, it makes me proud.
I am actually from a family of beauty queens, not just one myself. My mom was a candidate for Binibining Pilipinas (Ms. Philippines) in 1973 this is the year when Margarita Moran won the title. 
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Just being a candidate for this prestigious pageant was already difficult to achieve since you will represent the country to Ms. Universe. Philippines won the Ms. Universe title that year. 

My sister is also the same. She joined two big pageants. She first joined Mutya ng Pilipinas back year 2000 where she won Ms. Lux Star Glamour on coronation night. Then joined Binibining Pilipinas two years later. She was a favorite among the press then but was not lucky. I have to say, not because I am her sister, but she was really beautiful that night. I guess being the last candidate has put her away from the attention of the judges that night. I remember taking my classmates from my University to cheer for her that night. But it was okay, being a candidate is more than an achievement already. Can you believe that as part of the application for this pageant, you have to pass several tests which also includes submission of an essay!!!

I am the only female in my family that never joined these pageants. It was just not my thing. All I wanted then was to become an Architect. I remember my classmates who cheered for my sister, they were all telling me to join the following year and they will all be there to support me. Of course I didn't. Studying Architecture did not give me the free time apart from me not wanting to do so. LOL!

Enough of my family history..

May I just say that I am very proud that this year, we have coveted (so far) 2 titles..

Ms. Supranational 2013 Mutya Datul.
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and the newly crowned Ms. World 2013 Megan Young..

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Who wouldn't be proud right??

Now we have to wait for Ms. Universe and Ms. International ;) Japan and Russia.. be kind to us :)



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