Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hoping to Sponsor a Giveaway in the near Future

I'm hoping one day to sponsor a giveaway..

But since I only have 3 followers at the moment, I think it's a bit pathetic..
(oh my.. what a shame.. I lost the followers i had when i transferred to this new blog)

When I reach 10 of followers.. I will definitely post a giveaway contest.. 
Oh my, I sound so pathetic..
Serves me right for not being able to keep up with my blog.. 
It's really not easy when you are an Architect.. work eats up your time and you become a slave of your career.. 
I hope that this will change in the near future..I'm cooking up something and hopefully I can make it happen..

For now.. I just have to be happy with my 3 followers.. and wait for the other 7 future followers so we can make this happen :)




  1. I'm sure you will gain your followers back :) great blog you have here! Lovr


    1. Thank you Avielle Rose you are very kind. Let's hope the other 7 future followers comes soon so we can have that giveaway right? Thanks for reading my blog :)

  2. I love your posts. It's very personal and I love it that way... Good luck to you architect! By the way, I love your profession too

    1. Ciao Donna :) Thank you for reading my blog. I'm a bit surprised for getting another comment, I didn't think people (okay I'm over reacting.. it's just two comments.. sorry but it just made me happy seeing the comments) really read my blog.. WOW! Now this makes me feel more inspired to post more.
      I love my profession too.. It gives me the opportunity to create beautiful things. Who doesn't want things to be beautiful around them right?
      Thank you again Donna and I hope this is not the last time I hear from you :)