Thursday, April 11, 2013

Press Conference aftermath..

I took a taxi after the press con only to realize that after reaching home, I don't have the house keys. I sent a message to Chief and he was cursing for forgetting to give it to me. The thing is, we both have our set of keys but he lost his when his family came over for a few weeks. He thinks his father mistakenly took it with him when he went back to Italy.
So there I was under the sun in front of our gate.. melting under the heat of the afternoon sun. It's good that I make it a habit to take a shawl with me every time I leave the house. I called Dubai Taxi to request for one and gave our address and one came after 15mins.

I was a little bit bummed about what happened. Only one photo with one of the band members. Imagine my disappointment for missing the opportunity.
So I decided to go shopping to relieve my negative feelings.
Since summer is just around the corner and I know we will be going to RAK a lot to spend weekends with friends there at the beach...I got these 2 dresses.

I got the peach dress because I bought a beach hat from Forever 21 just 2  months back. It was winter then and still was cold but I know I can use it for the summer and it's an addition to my collection of hats.

Also, I've been wanting to get this Urban Decay Naked II makeup palette for some time. I headed to Sephora to check it.. and I ended up buying it because it was just so beautiful. here it is:

 Came with a free lip gloss..

description of colors..
The palette..

I also availed the membership for the store. (sayang ang points!)

Waited at Starbucks for Chief. He said he is on his way to pick me up. He decided to come home early and work there (he didn't want me to be out longer than I'm supposed to since I am still on my way to recovery from my illness..sweet eh?)

I had a decaf chocolate chip frap with extra ice (me like it thick and icy --not runny and sweet)  been years since I ha one of these.. i even forgot how to order it.. and a slice of carrot cake of which I avoided eating the frosting because I cannot have too much dairy products because of protein content. Can't have too much protein, my body throws it away and damages my kidneys.

Chief called after a while and I was happy.. this little activity after the presson just made me feel better and I started counting the hours til the next day's big concert.

I'll be posting about the concert soon!!


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