Sunday, April 7, 2013

I made Sicilian Spidini

When Chief and I went to visit his family in Italy, they prepared this special Sicilian dish at his father's house. It is called Spidini (Sicilian term)  also called as Involtini (general Italian). They look like meat kebabs.
Because I loved it so much, I asked Chief's mum how to make it. I did not take notes, I just tried to remember when she explained how it is made.
Tonight, I tried my own version of Spidini as to how I remember it with the help of Chief (well.. he just rolled up the meat since he was so hungry and wanted to help me finish soon so we can eat). To give credit to him, it was his idea that I make this dish tonight since we bought those thinly sliced meat yesterday from the grocery.
Meat rolled up with a filling -- prosciutto (ham), grated parmesan, bread crumbs, onions and olive oil on skewers.

Here's our finish product - Sicilian Spidini:

A more enticing shot..

Chief loved it!!! Made me happy. It was my fist attempt to make a local Sicilian dish.  He said it is best served with Guinness Beer lol!!!


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