Thursday, April 11, 2013

Goodbye Facebook

I finally did it!

After some time of contemplating, I realized that I value my privacy so much.

I spend so much of my time everyday on facebook, and I'm not liking it at all. I must admit I got hooked, it was really fun at first. Seeing friends there, playing Farm Town, Car Town, Pet Society, Restaurant City.. I did all that. But then now seeing all my photos there, people that can tag me on photos without my permission, people that can browse on things about is just too much exposure of myself.. Where's the mystery now?

Others might say, "well then configure your privacy settings!" Frankly, i don't have the energy and time to browse and follow step by step for every type of privacy I wanted..

Thank you Facebook, it was fun at start.. But you've invaded my privacy now.. No more tagging, no more wall posting, no more people feeling bad if i was not able to reply on Facebook chat (apparently I was always online on chat because I opened my account on my Blackberry..people thought i was ignoring and making deadma to them.. Like hello?? I work people! I cannot always reply to chats!)

Thank you Facebook for the many years we've shared..for making me happy to be updated on seeing my niece and nephew's photos and videos..I've seen them grew up through you.

Thank you for being an instrument for me to keep in touch with close friends and family and what goes on in their lives.

Thank you Facebook because I was able to share with family and friends bits and pieces of happenings of my life to people that care and love me..

We've had our share of good times, thank you Facebook and Goodbye!


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