Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Day Out

Chief and I decided to go to the mall last friday to do some grocery. I was excited to go since I have been inside the house in the last 3 weeks. I was really excited and I even dressed well ---for grocery--- because I wanted to feel good and beautiful, this is apart from not being able to dress up for some time since I was always home.

We decided to walk a little bit before shopping since its been some time since we really went there for leisure and just to look around . We walked very slow because I get tired easily.
Went to American Eagle Outfitters. They were on sale so I bought under wears. I loved their under wears since I discovered it early this year. very comfortable, sexy and fits me well. Of course because of the sale--It was about 70% OFF!! I hoarded.
After that, we started walking again and that's when I started to feel really weak, white spots on my vision and out of breath. I did not tell Chief because I didn't want to scare him and I was also worried that he wont let me go see my friends tomorrow for this incident so I kept it to myself, We went to Virgin Mega Store, his fave. But then after a 5 minutes I really started to feel weak and I know that if I didn't sit then, I'm going to collapse. I asked Chief if he can leave me outside on a bench while he goes around the store because I was feeling tired.
He got a little bit scared and wanted to leave me in the car and do the grocery himself to get it over and done with so we can go home and I can lay down on the bed and rest. Yes, without exaggeration, I was that weak. I told him we'll sit in one of the benches for 5mins. just so I could rest for a moment and see if I feel better and we decided then what we'll do. I didn't want him to do the grocery all by himself because not everything was on the list I made. Also, the last thing I want then was for him to carry me to the car and scare people and make them call an ambulance and another trip to the hospital.

I felt hungry then, while sitting and observing people, I realized, maybe I was just hungry and food will give me more energy. I asked chief if we can eat lunch and I will have a healthy salad (since he is avoiding for us to eat out due to my strict diet). We sat at MBCo. and I ordered baked vegetable omelet and a big glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. HE has the roast beef and sparkling water.
I was still feeling weak after lunch so in my mind I knew then that I should agree on staying in the car before it gets worse. I took out my shawl and wrapped it around me and started walking slowly. After 5mins of slow walk, I felt better. It was like a sudden rush of energy. I realized, by body was feeling cold and was working extra to keep me warm ---ah.. so that's why all my energy is being used up! So i kept the shawl on and I told Chief that I was really okay and I can join him to shop. Of course he asked if I was sure, and I didn't want to force it since I know I can easily faint. In short, we finished the whole grocery shopping and I felt ok.

At least I can be more prepared and ready for tomorrow's get together with my friends. I will make sure to keep myself warm to keep my energy. It was a bit scary today.. actually has been since the last two days.. because of my unusual weakness. Could e connected to my monthly visitor plus my bad anemia. My body really needs the Iron IV Shots. Need to save up for that. Til my next blog then, hopefully better than this one.


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