Monday, October 25, 2010

Balinese House for a Client

So, I went on a short vacation in Manila, and during my stay I had a developer-owner client who asked me to design a house that they will be selling and will serve as a model house for the community.
The theme of the community is Balinese.. and I made some options..
Here's the initial design i presented to my client..

But after some comments with the client the design was adjusted and I was asked for three color options..and here they are:

This first two images are the final ones..the other three are the other color options..

This house will be built in Tagaytay City, Philippines. Please feel free to make some comments. Thanks for viewing!


  1. nice design and render...i add you in my blog list -

    1. Hi Zernan! Thanks for visiting my blog. I wont be updating this blog anymore as what I mentioned in my last post. I have a new blog called ArchiteChic. I hope you check it out. I will be featuring my works there apart from my other interests. I would love to hear your comments and creative criticisms and hopefully have your support too. Thank you!