Monday, December 14, 2009

Konad Nail Stamp Kit

I gave it a lot of thought before getting this nail stamping kit.. It took me a week to finally decide. So this is basically what I got:

Konad Nail Stamping Nail Art Set. I got 3 special polishes, 4 design plates (that I got to choose), rubber stamper, scraper, Instruction CD and the plate guide. Actually the plate guide was free. The whole set costs around $50. (So now you know why I gave it a lot of thought huh?)
So here's what's inside the box. I picked black, white and red for my special nail polishes. I just think that these colors are the safest to be used for stamping designs and more neutral having any color as base, white and black works well with anything.
As for the plate designs, I got the M20, M25, M27 and M32. I was so excited in picking them out.. now  when I checked online for the available designs, I was a bit disappointed with some of the plates that I got.. I should have been more patient. I was not able to get a french tip plate :(
I've already tried using them and they are so much fun. My nails are so pretty. A lot of my colleagues have been commenting all about it and I even convinced one to get it as a Christmas gift for his wife :)

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