Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apple Cider Vinegar Toner and Breakouts?

I make it a habit to check makeup alley almost everyday to check on the latest reviews for the different beauty products.Someone has advised me to check the product reviews first from this site before I purchase them. I just wish I was introduced to it a long time ago so I would have prevented myself to make some bad makeup purchases..

I've been having some serious breakouts lately, and I wonder why 'coz usually I only have breakouts during the time of the month.. you know what I mean..  and Ive tried.. believe me I really did try.. almost all the products out there in the market to help me out with this skin problem that I acquired when I moved to Dubai (because of the water).

Going back to makeup alley, I came across with the Apple Cider Vinegar Toner. I read all the reviews and some of the ladies even shared their recipes that works for them... So I thought, what the heck, a bottle of apple cider vinegar is cheap so I went to the grocery immediately after work to get it. I used the simplest formula that was shared. 1:1 Ratio for distilled water and the ACV. 

It's my third day of using the product and so far, I'm feeling and seeing some good results for it. My skin was softer, oiliness was reduced ( I have combination skin by the way), and the pimple swelling was less.. They said it could also help with lightening the scars.The only downside would be the smell, its not appealing at all..So before I massage it on my face, I usually take deep breaths first and hold it while I put the product on.. hahaha...I'm thinking of trying the recipe where they added green tea, they said it makes the smell a little less and more bearable..
I'll get back on this one after a while to inform you of the results for longer usage of this product.. but so far.. Im loving it.

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  1. Wow I've never heard of this before - but I guess vinegar would reduce the production of oil and bacteria!?! Let us know if your skin keeps getting better.

    Great blog by the way :)